Fan Works

This is the place for stories, poems, essays and art inspired by the world of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.

If you would like to contribute fiction or artwork to the site, please send it to me at Let me know the name you would like to be known by, and if you would like your name to be a link (to your website or e-mail address). I'd prefer to receive stories in plain text or HTML format; Word files will take a while to process as I use a Macintosh and don't have Microsoft Office. It would be helpful to include a short summary of the story like the ones below.

Fan Fiction

By Vampire Naomi:

The Lost Path

By Webmaster:

Au Revoir
As Juliette prepares to leave the Queenıs service and marry Dogtanian, Anne looks back over their long relationship.

The Other Side
1. The Night Before
2. The Morning After
3. The Grand Parade
4. The Way Out
After failing the Muskehound entrance test, Dogtanian drowns his sorrows and wakes up with a hangover and a commission in the Cardinal's Guards. Can he get back where he belongs without losing everything?

The Promise
Dogtanian returns to the village of Béarn and finds some unfinished business.

Parting Ways
Set after the last episode of the original series. What will the Cardinal's henchmen do now Dogtanian has won the day and become a Muskehound?

Fan Artwork

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By KLQ from Argentina, these are paintings in acrylic. Please email KLQ if you would like to buy one:

By pauinhopc:

By TheFamousEccles:

By Akenoomokoto:

By Roarey Raccoon:

By Marijke Rose Brandfuchs:

By Aaskereia:

By Weepith:

By Simon McLeod:

By Juliet Singleton:

By Otakonn:

By Squidgevege:

By Jo Blakeley:

By Andy H: Dogtanian in 3d polygons! Don't they make you wish there was a Dogtanian computer game?

By Kimya:

By Webmaster:

By Jess:

By Darth Jurious: Dogtanian crossed with The Lion King!

By Nicola Bolton:


From Ffelfurt, the guitar chords to the Dogtanian theme. Be sure to check out his recording of the theme (MP3) too!