Dogtanian in origami

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Origami Dogtanian

Made by the very talented Halle. You can see more of Halle's work, and buy a book to learn how to make your own Dogtanian, at Design in Origami.

Pictures from magazines

Lovingly clipped from the Radio Times over a period of several years and carefully Pritt-Sticked into an exercise book. Enjoy.

Three cheers for the adventures of 'Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds'! Dogtanian and Juliette on a cloud Dogtanian winking Sad Dogtanian holding Juliette's handkerchief The Muskehounds visit the Palace


Here's two pages of comic, somewhat peculiarly translated (click the picture to see the full page in a new window).

Kids' TV mag Lookin ran a Dogtanian strip. Here's two adventures. Again, click for the full story.