BRB InternacionalBRB Internacional
The Spanish company behind Dogtanian, Willy Fog...and David the Gnome. Guess you can't get it right every time.

Nippon AnimationNippon Animation
The Japanese studio who animated the cartoon. Marvel at their other hits: Cooking Master Boy, Mom Loves Poyopoyosaurs and Hey! Bumboo!

Fan Sites
Lots of screengrabs, character profiles and the complete text of Dumas' novel.

MultiDogtanian on YouTube
The opening credits and theme tune in many languages.

Jedi's Paradise
Some nice pics along with a character summary.
Fiendish quizzes based on Dogtanian episodes. Think you know Dogtanian? Think again!

Get the DVD and video at

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A good source of videos, VCDs and little PVC figures.

Get The Encyclopaedia of Cult Children's TV at
The Dogtanian theme tune in MP3 format plus some dialogue from the show.

Project Gutenberg
Time on your hands? Why not download the complete works of Dumas?

The Dogtanian community at LiveJournal.


The Observer
Scott Benton, 'scrum half for Zurich Premiership newcomers, Leeds Tykes' talks about his favourite cartoons, including guess what.

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